:::warning This Guide is Outdated, Please use the [vWii themes Guide on Wii.guide](https://wii.guide/themes-vwii). ::: vWii System Menu theme Guide === **Contents**: [TOC] ## Introduction This is a Guide on installing themes on the vWii (Virtual Wii on Wii U). I am aware that there are many other guides on how to do this, however what makes this guide different is that it doesn't require FTPiiU and actually doesn't even require exiting Wii mode. This is accomplished by using a csm installer tool to install the themes instead of relying on FTPiiU to install it to the system menu. ## 1. WARNING :::danger We are **NOT** responsible if you brick, or damage your console in any way whatsoever. If you follow this guide exactly, you shouldn't have any problems. ::: :::danger Do **NOT** install the csm themes made in this guide on an actual Wii, they are only compatible with the vWii system menu ::: :::warning WiiMotes with Wii motion Plus May not work on MyMenuify, unfortunately there isn't anything we can do about this at the moment and you'll have to use an older Wii remote. ::: :::warning There are some themes that aren't compatible with the vWii system menu, they may result in anything from graphical glitches to a full theme brick. I recommend only using themes from [rc24.xyz/goodies/themes](https://rc24.xyz/goodies/themes/) since these are compatible with modern versions of the system menu. ::: :::info If you somehow happen to brick your vWii, [follow this guide](https://gbatemp.net/threads/guide-vwii-unbrick-guide-by-garyodernichts.528329). ([Archive](https://web.archive.org/web/20200213194233/https://gbatemp.net/threads/guide-vwii-unbrick-guide-by-garyodernichts.528329/)) ::: ## 2. Prerequisites * A PC or mobile device with internet access and the ability to interact with SD cards. * An SD card formatted as FAT32 (at least 2GB) with enough available space. SDHC or SDXC cards formatted as FAT32 can be known to work. * A softmodded vWii with the Homebrew Channel **If you do not have a softmodded vWii, [wiiu.hacks.guide/vwii-modding](https://wiiu.hacks.guide/vwii-modding) and then come back.** :::info After following the above linked guide, you should have: * **The Homebrew Channel installed** * **d2x cIOS installed (IOS249, IOS250 and IOS251)** * **A vWii NAND backup and keys** (keep these stored safely!!) ::: ## 3. Setting Up ### Downloading the required files First download [This version of ThemeMii](https://wii.guide/assets/files/New_Thememii_MOD.rar) and extract it to its own folder in an easily accessable place, we'll come back to this later. Then download this version of [MyMenuify](https://www.wiibrew.org/w/images/3/35/Mymenuify.zip), You cannot use MyMenuify Mod since it crashes with a DSI exception upon Picking IOS or Mounting SD/USB. :::warning The newer version of Mymenuify Mod does **Not** work on vWii. In order to install themes to vWii you must use this version. ::: Insert Your SD card and extract the MyMenuify Folder into the `/apps/` folder on your SD card. ​ :::info The next step is optional, you can call the folder for your themes anything, you can even put the .csm files on the root of your SD card, although I recommend doing it this way since it's more organized. ::: Next Create a Folder on the root of your SD card Named Themes. Inside that Create a Folder Named vWii. Inside that create a Folder named after your region (Japan, USA, or Europe). I recommend doing it this way in case you plan on using the SD card in Multiple Wii systems to avoid confusion and possible bricking from installing the wrong theme. ### Getting vWii menu .app file :::warning This assumes your vWii is on the latest system menu version. ::: There are a couple of ways to get the .app files for your vWii system menu, in this guide we'll be using a vWii version of NUS Downloader to download the system menu files. [Download for NUSD vWii](https://archive.org/download/nus-downloader-vwii/NUS%20Downloader%20vwii.zip) After downloading, extract the zip to its own folder in an easily accessable location. Open the folder and start NUS Downlaoder. Open the menu in NUS Downloader and click the database button, go to System > System Menu and select a version according to your region. Here's a table showing which versions corospond to which region. | Region | vWii Menu version | | ------ | ---------------------------------------- | | Japan | v608 | | USA | v609 | | Europe | v610 | After selecting the correct version to download check the box for `Create Decrypted Contents (*.app)` and press the `Start NUS Download` Button on the Top of the window. ![](https://codimd.s3.shivering-isles.com/demo/uploads/upload_2b3e3d0dc19678ed526110ccbb2bae5e.png =538x506) The Database menu in NUS Downloader ![](https://codimd.s3.shivering-isles.com/demo/uploads/upload_8522930a6e5c5a8003b6b9edfafb1a29.png =247x474) The Main menu of NUS downloader without the database menu open. After the download has finished do a search in the folder where NUS downloader is loacated for the .app file according to your region. | Region | .app file for your region | | ------ | ---------------------------------------- | | Japan | 0000001c.app | | USA | 0000001f.app | | Europe | 00000022.app | If you can't find the .app file for your region in the search it's possible you have downloaded the wrong version of the system menu and you'll need to try again. After you Find the .app file copy it to the main directory of the Folder containing thememii, also copy a version of it to the theme folder in your SD card (We'll come back to that later). ## 5. Packing the theme This is the part where you'll be packing a vWii compatible theme, you must follow this guide exactly to avoid issues. First download a theme of your choice (Must be in .mym format), I recommend downlading themes from [theme.rc24.xyz/goodies/themes](https://rc24.xyz/goodies/themes/) other themes may be outdated and incompatible with vWii. Install those at your own risk. Next open ThemeMii and select File > Open and navigate to the .mym theme you downloaded. Then Click on Create CSM and select the .app file that you copied to the ThemeMii folder. Then navigate to the theme folder on your SD card and Save your theme with an easy to remember name with the .csm extension. You don't need to change this to .app since we aren't using ftp). ![](https://codimd.s3.shivering-isles.com/demo/uploads/upload_5c4f3a0f09c5a8527686e426c0b8ba11.png) An image of the ThemeMii menu so you can better understand. ## 6. Installing the Theme Safely Eject your SD card from your PC and Put it into your Wii U. In vWii Mode start the Homebrew Channel and Launch MyMenuify. After you have launched MyMenuify navigate to your theme folder and select the .csm file you just created, when it Prompts you to install the theme say yes, then wait for it to finish. :::danger **Do Not** Power off your system until it finishes or you will brick your vWii. ::: After it has finished it will prompt you to either continue or exit, choose exit. When it exits you back to the Homebrew Channel press the Home button and exit to the system menu. If you did everything correctly You should now have a different theme on your System menu. ## Reverting to Stock theme Let's say you're tired of this new theme, or maybe it has a few issues. You may want to revert to the stock theme. It's just as simple as installing the theme was. First open the Homebrew channel. Next Launch MyMenuify and navigate to your theme folder. This is where the .app file you copied to the SD earlier comes into play. Select the .app file as if you were installing a theme and wait for it to install and after exiting Mymenuify and the Homebrew Channel your vWii menu should be the Stock theme again. ## Why use this guide or method over others The main reason to use this guide is that unlike many others this guide includes support for Japanese region Systems, whereas most other guides only support "NTSC" and "PAL", these other guides may also imply that it is safe to install USA themes on Japanese System menus since they just refer to them as NTSC which is absolutely **NOT** the case. The other reason to use this guide is that unlike many other guides this one isn't a Youtube Guide, and everyone knows that video guides, especially the ones on YouTube are less desirable than written guides. Finally the reason to use the method here over the others is that this method is much quicker to switch between themes. Other methods that use FTPiiU require Power Cycling the console sometimes multiple times in order to change themes, but using this method you don't even need to exit vWii mode. ## Credits - Draconic NEO - [QuickBellHacker](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6CJsU1x5ZSpZIL8tIIWpZQ)