***How can I modify a Finnair flight date at the airport?*** Passengers can also alter their trip up to three hours before the planned departure at their departure airport or at the nearest Finnair ticket office. You only need to complete the following: * Go to the Finnair desk at the airport and give the next available agent your booking information. * Inquire with the executive about changing your flight and whether or not the pricing restrictions allow it. * If this is the case, please supply the updated travel information. Based on the trip season and availability, the agent will give updated flight information. * To complete the change request, choose the appropriate flight choice and pay the needed change fee as well as any relevant cost difference. * Once the transaction is completed, a confirmation of the <a href="https://www.flyinguidelines.com/changes/finnair-airlines-changes-policy/">Finnair flight change</a> as well as the new travel itinerary will be emailed to the passenger's registered email address. * If going the same day, passengers can complete the check-in process and print their boarding card. <b>Check Also: <a href="https://www.flyinguidelines.com/changes/southwest-airlines-changes-policy/">Southwest Airlines Flight Change</a> | <a href="https://www.flyinguidelines.com/changes/united-airlines-changes-policy/">United Airlines Flight Change</a></b>