***KLM Airlines Flights Can Be Changed Online Using These Steps*** Depending on the ticket's tariff restrictions, a traveller may amend or cancel their reservation. Changes to travel dates, times, and destinations are permitted, but the ticket must be changeable. My Trips contains the booking and changing conditions. Follow the procedures below to alter your KLM flight: * Go to the My Trips area and input the booking number and last name information. If the customer has already checked in for the flight, the check-in should be cancelled first. * Next, navigate to the travel information section of My Trips and click the Change flights button. * Search and select any alternate flight with a different date, time, and destination in the following step. All fees associated with changes and price differences will be detailed. * Any additional extras purchased can be booked on the new flight as well. * Last but not least, validate the <a href="https://www.flyinguidelines.com/changes/klm-airlines-flight-change-policy/">KLM flight change</a> procedure. <b>Check Also: <a href="https://www.flyinguidelines.com/lufthansa-airlines-flight-change-policy/">Lufthansa Flight Change</a> | <a href="https://www.flyinguidelines.com/changes/jetblue-airlines-changes-policy/">Jetblue Flight Change</a></b>