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# ***What is the policy for the cancellation of jetblue?*** In truth, there may be several additional causes for cancellation if we talk about flight cancellation. These include the following: * An airline cancellation * Traveler cancellation. Cancelation therefore does not depend on whether the cancellation is desired or why! However, it includes the sort of ticket you bought. The <a href="https://www.airtripsadvisor.com/jetblue-cancellation-flight-refund-policy/">Cancellation policy for Jetblue flights</a> is established by the JetBlue airlines, and the passengers are then paid a modest incentive. However, if it's reversed, the airline charges a hefty cost, if the booking is cancelled by the customers. You also have to pick from many other pricing options, Blue Plus, Blue Basic or Blue Extra, based on what is most important to you when you purchase a flight ticket. Within 1 working day following ticketing, travel agents may cancel tickets. JetBlue Airways Airline will charge a changing charge outside one day for any deliberate modifications to the maximum purchase price for lodging. It is the obligation of the agent to inform the passengers of the additional tariff collections, limits and costs in connection with any modifications. <b>Read Also These Policies Before Cancelling Your Flight: <a href="https://cruxair.com/delta-airlines-customer-care-phone-number/">Delta Airlines Customer Care Phone Number </a> | <a href="https://cruxair.com/united-airlines-customer-service-telephone-number/">United Airlines Customer Service Telephone Number </a></b>