# UQRUG Welcome to your UQRUG monthly meetup! Who are we? This is a **gathering for R users of all skills**, to help each other solve problems, to share resources and tips, and to simply hang out with a nice community. More information on our website: [uqrug.netlify.app](https://uqrug.netlify.app) We will start today by getting everyone to present their questions. Then we will have a half our intro to an R package, then we will spend the rest of the session answering the questions you have brought! When do we meet? * :busts_in_silhouette: **every last Wednesday of the month** (12-2 pm, currently online and in person): find the next event on the [Library training page](https://web.library.uq.edu.au/library-services/training) * :speech_balloon: and at any other time on **chat.uq.edu.au**. * :email: email the UQ Library training team for more help: training@library.uq.edu.au How do I acces this document? This website is a **collaborative document**. It can be accessed with this short link: https://frama.link/uqrug If you're in here person, join the zoom meeting, and put yourself on mute. That way you can easily share your screen to get help. https://uqz.zoom.us/j/85362481839 ## Today's meetup ### 2023-03-29: UQRUG 36 #### Attendees * Nicholas Wiggins | Library | Here to Help! * Rene Erhardt | School of Pharmacy | * Yufan Wang\School of Nursing\ Qs on Bayesian statistics\How to plot a probability density function on R\ * Luke Gaiter | Library | Here to listen/help * Giulio Centorame | PhD student @ IMB | Qs on functional programming in R * Kar Ng | Data Analyst at Student Affair | Learning * Jianan REN | PhD student in Environmental Science | beginner in R * Jayne McGhie | PhD student in SAFS | beginner in R - not questions yet...... * Katharine Hegerty | PhD student FoM | beginner in R so need to learn pretty much anything but also needing help with registry data project in R * Valentina * Lauren:) here to learn ! * Anna Gibbs | Clinical research assistant CCHR | here to learn about GLM in r, offsets, and Rmarkdown * Lijalem Tesfaw|PhD student @UQ, SPH Biostatistics and Epidemiology division |here to learn how to create R Dashboard, shiny web page, Rmarkdawn and R-spatial analysis * Grant Taylor|PhD student|here to listen this month, but need help debugging script next time maybe * ### Questions #### Yufan Wang - Qs on Bayesian statistics There's a shiny app called the [Shelf](https://shelf.sites.sheffield.ac.uk/software) package. How do you interpret the code snippets from the user guide for shelf? Does anyone have experience plotting a probability density function on R? BRMS Package might be useful to run the models. ggplot has [geom_density](http://sthda.com/english/wiki/ggplot2-density-plot-quick-start-guide-r-software-and-data-visualization) and geom_boxplot #### Giulio Centorame - Qs on functional programming in R Giulio has some functions that have nested loops on big data. The advice is to explore the R package parallel. RCC may have some suggestions. You could try attending Hacky Hour, and seeing if David Green. Nick will explore with GeoSpatial Community regarding using parallel. You can try making your code just a little more efficient and this will flow on to save a lot of time in loops. #### Anna - glm() function question What is the A plus is adding it as a single interaction An Asterisk is adding the relationship between two factors as a factor A comma is a another argument in the function, and offset is an argument for the glm() function #### Anna - R Markdown Yes you do need to do data wrangling in markdown before you run analyses on the data. You don't need to treat each block of code as an individual entity. You only need to run your wrangling once per document. #### Jayne - Eyes on my code Dog temperature code. ## Last Month's meetup ### 2023-02-22: UQRUG 35 #### Attendees * Nicholas Wiggins | Library | Here to Help! * Pierre Bodroux | P&F | Learning * Kar Ng | Student Affairs | Learning * Brandon Fraser | QAAFI | Learning * Valentina Urrutia Guada | Library | Here to Help too! * Raul Riesco| ACE visiting postdoc | Learning and also willing to help ^_^ * Wilson Lin | Student Affairs | Casually attending * Jocelyn | UQCCR | Still learning * Grechel * Hannah #### Questions ##### Can you use text mining and machine learning in R to mark student essays? Is it ethical? But is it possible? There is an issue with marking free language data. You may want to be looking for certain keywords. You would likely run into issues with nuance and insight. If the questions can be answered by a machine, then it can be marked by a machine. If it requires insight, then no. To do this in R would likely require a lot of backend work to effectively create an AI similar to chatGPT which is capable of dealing with free text input, and providing feedback from there. ##### What are you using R for? * I am using R for Reporting and data analysis. * I use R for data analysis and graphs * I use R to analyse data. Big data. Running loops in parallel has proved difficult. Using parallel and foreach * Environmental analysis - using seqinr and BALCONY * I use R for bioinformatics for dna sequencing analysis. ### 2023-01-25: UQRUG 34 Please add your name to our attendee list. Edit this document by clicking the pencil :pencil2: in the top right corner, and then add: your name | your area of UQ | and why you're here. If you have question you need help with, put your name in **Bold** by putting two asterisks before and after your name, like so ``**name**`` #### Attendees * Nicholas Wiggins | Library | Here to Help! * Pierre Bodroux | P&F | Learning * Zoe MacLean | School Comm Arts | Just hanging out today * Jessica Hintzsche |QAAFI| I know nothing :) * Karen Fang | Business School | learning and see how R can deal with dashboard :) * Dwan Vilcins | CHRC | Want to learn about flex * Jocelyn | UQCCR | still learning * Ayesha.Here for learning about R. I am from EAIT doing masters of data science * Jayne McGhie | | * Myra Khan * Paulo Baleeiro Souza #### **Topics discussed and code** #### Presentation on Flexdashboard (and crosstalk) Nick provided an overview of the dashboard creating package: Flexdashboard. He showed how you can easily create a dashboard from their templates, and include and R code and outputs in the dashboard. He also provided a fairly complex example. Here's an [intro guide for Flexdashboard](https://pkgs.rstudio.com/flexdashboard/articles/flexdashboard.html). #### Jayne's question on ggplot2 Jayne was having difficulty using the map() function to create #### Presentation on Flexdashboard (and crosstalk) ## R Highlight of the month | Month | Package(s) | Details | | -------- | -------- | -------- | |01/2023|[flexdashboard](https://pkgs.rstudio.com/flexdashboard/)| Simple interactive dashboards | 11/2022 | [gganimate](https://gganimate.com/), [plotly](https://plotly.com/r/animations/) | Animated and interactive plots in R | | 10/2022 | [quanteda](https://quanteda.io/) | Text analysis in R | Do you have a suggesting for what we should highlight in the future? Add your suggestion here: * Create a blog with Netlify and blogdown # UQ RUG Details ## This HedgeDoc You can **edit this document** by clicking the pencil :pencil2: in the top right corner. You can then **add code** to the document by fencing the block with triple-backticks, like so: ```r my_vector <- c(1, 5, 2) ``` ## Code of Conduct To make our events enjoyable, safe and welcoming, we have a Code of Conduct: https://gitlab.com/stragu/uqrug/blob/master/Code_of_Conduct.md ## Feedback We have a feedback form: https://frama.link/uqrugfeedback ## Twitter Follow our news on https://twitter.com/UQ_RUG ## Chat room We have a **chat room** on UQ's Element server, which you can simply join with your UQ credentials. It allows us to keep the discussion going even outside of meetups, and is also more comfortable than the Zoom chat (especially to share code): 1. Go to https://chat.uq.edu.au 2. Log in with you UQ credentials 3. Click the "hash/magnifying glass" icon to explore rooms (next to the search box) 4. Join the "UQRUG" chat room ## General resources This is our shortlist of useful resources, not specific to one single meetup, but good to have handy: * Weekly R news: https://rweekly.org/ * Documentation, run R code online: https://rdrr.io * R Community Flashcards: https://tinyurl.com/Rcommunityslides * Online courses with LinkedIn Learning (log in [with UQ credentials](https://web.library.uq.edu.au/library-services/training/linkedin-learning-online-courses)): https://au.linkedin.com/learning/ * *Debugging in R* Presentation: https://rstudio.com/resources/rstudioconf-2020/object-of-type-closure-is-not-subsettable/ * Don't freak out about the title. Its one of the most incomprehensible error messages that R will spit out and hence the title for the talk. Some good tips on how to approach code that doesn't do what you think its supposed to. In QLD: * R Ladies Brisbane: https://www.meetup.com/rladies-brisbane * On [Twitter](https://twitter.com/RladiesBrisbane) or on [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9oOCJe8kwkZ_6IgTmet9oQ) * QCIF training: https://www.qcif.edu.au/training/training-courses/ * Library training and resources related to R: https://gitlab.com/stragu/DSH#quick-access-to-course-resources * Book into a session: https://web.library.uq.edu.au/library-services/training * Library training email: training@library.uq.edu.au * Hacky Hour at UQ: https://twitter.com/hackyhourstluc ## [Past Meetings](https://demo.hedgedoc.org/E3RoLxIlSyydQUVvFZGbfg)