* @robertdp unpublished (!) `wire` library because there is a new lib on the block: `halogen-subscriptions`. It seems that this new lib covers "events" part of the `wire`. If you still are missing "signals" they can probably be modeled with an internal "ref" + events... * We have shortly discussed differences between `halogen-subscription` (https://pursuit.purescript.org/packages/purescript-halogen-subscriptions/1.0.0/docs/Halogen.Subscription) and `aff-bus` (https://pursuit.purescript.org/packages/purescript-aff-bus/) It seems that they are really similar but _bus_ has bit more "procedural feeling". * @csicar shared a some details regarding his PS `Kotlin` backend. This corefn based backend has already been used to build a simple android application. In this context we dicussed the challange of `aff` reimplementation: - It is not easy to extract and disassemble `aff` engine. - Is it enough to use existing Kotlin libraries to build a lib with `aff` features? - How to make porting `aff` easier? Should every backend rewrite the whole `aff` javascript code? - Is it possible to split existing `aff` into some smaller parts (like separating `Fiber` abstraction) so it will be easier for alternate backends to provide a basic core async abstraction? * @csicar `purescript-doctest` has been also recently updated to _purs-0.14_ * @Woody88 is migrating all his libs to `purs-0.14`. The `swerve` is going to probably be split into three libs at the end. We had also an interesting discussion about internals of the `swarve`. It is not so simple to simulate type families in PS ;-) * At the end of the meetup we have another intersting discussion about project management. We touched topics like novelty budgets and different approaches to our programming craft - delivering fast / beeing productive / using crappy technologies / learning and providing proper abstractions and possible costs of this more noble approaches and when to apply quick and dirty prototyping style. @jonasbuntinx and @roberdp shared their experience regarding learning no FP programmers PureScript which was really, really interesting.