PureScript Online Meetup 2021 April 26 ==== * @i-am-the-slime is working on a really nice additions to the PS language server (some of them require a bit of work on the client / editor side too - Mark currently focuses on VSCode editor): - we can import operators like `/\` now, - we gain a useful module export management helpers, - we have a new nice macro which puts module preambule with correct path, - it is quite possible that we are going to get type hints for local variables in the near future. * @afc invites everyone to one to one meetups regarding d3 and his bindings. During these meetps Andrew is keen to provide an overview of d3 itself so don't worry if you don't know the tech. @afc just wants to get as much feedback as he can regarding his PS API and overall binding design. Alongside the work on the library Andrew creates a presentation so we can expect some entertining intro into his lib in the near future. * @Alessio is working through the book and shared his learning experience which is quite OK so far. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the PS Community :-) * @ursi is putting more work into the `purs-nix`. He have improved docs - project has a nice README file + quick installation guide liked from it. * @milesfrain has put together a new strategy for sharing test suites between different `List` modules APIs (Thanks to this unification he was able to catch a "bug" where `Applicative` has different behavior for different lists types). Please watch the above short video for more details. The plan is also to unify benchmarking tooling for containers in the future. This is really cool work! * @rhendric has described a really interesting idea of an IDL for modules APIs as an additional tool for PS programmers.