# Common University Entrance Test (CUET ) Common University Entrance Test ( CUET ) was introduced by the Ministry of Education (MoE) for admission to central universities. The test is conducted by National Testing Agency(NTA) for undergraduate, postgraduate courses. CUET, the Common University Entrance Test, is the successor to CUCET (Central University Common Entrance Test), which was previously administered by the Central University of Rajasthan for 12 central universities. This will give all students an equal chance of getting into their preferred colleges/universities. It will put an end to the cut-off system. Students can give a domain-specific exam to pursue their favorite subject in their preferred college. **NEED FOR CUET **Equal Opportunity to every student- Prior to 2022, university admissions were based on the weightage of class 12 marks, which disadvantaged some students from gaining admission to their desired institutions. However, with the implementation of CUET, every student now has an equal opportunity to succeed through a standardized test. Elimination of subjective bias- CUET has eliminated subjective bias in the university admissions process. Previously, students who wished to pursue a specific subject, such as political science, had to excel in all other subjects in class 12 as well. However, with CUET, students can now take a domain-specific exam and secure admission to their desired subject at university. End to Cut-off system- The implementation of CUET has brought an end to the cut-off system and introduced a fair mechanism for college admissions. Students can now gain admission to their preferred universities by taking a standardized test, with class 12 marks only used as a tiebreaker if necessary. This creates a level playing field for all students. **CUET COURSE **With the introduction of CUET, coaching institutes too have started CUET courses for students. These institutes prepare students fresh out of their schools to establish a strong command over the subject they want to pursue and clear the exam. [CUET course](https://www.drishtiias.com/cuet-course) consists of one language test, two domain-specific papers, and the general test. Students can join subject-specific as well as a combination of all three courses of CUET and prepare for their exams. While CUET eliminates the cut-off system, it does not diminish the significance of a student’s 12th-grade marks. In fact, the CUET course curriculum covers the 12th-grade syllabus, emphasizing the importance of a strong academic foundation for success in the CUET exams. **CUET Online Coaching Delhi **Online coaching had started seeing a boom since the pandemic, and with the introduction of CUET, it has fuelled much more. Delhi has always been a popular choice among students for coaching. Many students across states can now access popular and prominent [CUET online coaching](https://www.drishtiias.com/cuet-course) in Delhi. These institutes provide the best features like live streaming of classes, recorded classes, online mock tests, etc which prepares them to be confident for the exam. Choosing and joining the best online coaching is very crucial as one will be investing his/her money and time. Every online coaching has its own specific features and offers but what matters the most is one’s own hard work and dedication.