Using Google TV with a Chromecast Chromecast with Google TV is Google's newest Chromecast model, and it's the first to offer a fully navigable TV screen interface that you can use with either the supplied remote or the Google Home app. While the setup is comparable to that of a normal Chromecast, there are a few extra steps to do before everything is completely functional. Step 1: Plug your Chromecast with Google TV's HDMI cable into one of your TV's free HDMI ports. Then, plug one end of the Micro USB power cord into a wall socket and the other into the Google TV. Step 2: Change the input on your TV to the right one and wait a few seconds for the remote to connect. If the screen says "start pairing," you'll need to link the remote to the Google TV manually. To do so, press and hold the remote's back and home buttons until the LED indication begins to pulsate. Step 3: If you want to use the Google Home app to complete the setup, follow the steps in the regular <a href="https://www.getsetupcomputer.com/chromecast-com-setup/">Chromecast setup</a> guide above. If you'd prefer use the remote to complete the setup, choose Set up on TV and follow the onscreen instructions. Step 4: If you want to use your Google TV remote to operate your TV, receiver, or soundbar, choose Set up remote to start a series of prompts that will guide you through the process of linking various remote commands (power, volume, mute) with your A/V equipment. Select Not now instead if you'd prefer skip this step. You may link your remote to your A/V hardware at a later time by heading into Settings. Step 5: You're ready to use your new Chromecast when your Google TV has installed your favourite entertainment applications. To get to the Home Screen, choose Start exploring. Whether your Chromecast (regular or Google TV) isn't connecting to Wi-Fi, check to see if your computer or mobile devices are Chromecast-compatible. Visit the Chromecast Help Forum if you're still having issues. Depending on how old or new your software is, some phones, laptops, and routers may require specific instructions. If you want to personalise your Chromecast, sign in using your Google account, but make sure to switch off email notifications unless you want to get frequent news and updates on how to best utilise your device. <b>Check Also:</b> <a href="https://www.getsetupcomputer.com/cricut-com-setup/">Cricut Setup</a> | <a href="https://www.getsetupcomputer.com/fitbit-com-setup/">Fitbit Setup</a>