## Recommended manufacturers of facial massagers ## Have you ever experienced that as you age, your skin problems become more serious? While pimples can be treated with medication, edema and sagging skin is not a problem that can be easily solved. In this article, I would like to introduce you to the popular "[facial skincare products](https://www.llskin.jp/)" that can easily treat sagging skin and edema at home. **MULTIFUN 3D Facial massager** The facial massager from MULTIFUN, a famous manufacturer of body tissue meters, has a unique Y-shaped structure that provides a high quality fit for your skin. The tip has a single point protrusion for pressure point pressing, so you can move directly to pressure point pressing massage after you finish the raising massage. It is designed to be a little larger than a facial massager, so it can also be used for the body. **MTG ReFa ACTIVE DIGIT** This is a facial massager with a 20mm massager that resembles a thumb, which pinches the skin deeply and finely to reproduce the flowing motion. The surface of the massager is coated with platinum, which makes it safe to use on delicate skin. The massager is equipped with microcurrent and is waterproof, so it is recommended to use it not only for relaxation but also for daily skin care. **L&L Skin MIO2** The L&L Skin MIO2 is a [facial lift massager](https://www.llskin.jp/products/mio2/) with a 360-degree multi-angle structure, and is equipped with four massagers at perfect intervals, reproducing the "double-up kneading" method of continuously pinching and flowing the skin without taking your hands off the skin. It is equipped with micro-current, waterproof structure, and can be used for both body use, allowing you to care for your entire body while taking a bath. It effectively draws in loose skin on the hips, waist, and other parts of the body, so you can use it every time you have a body line that you are concerned about as you age. **SEPOVEDA Facial massager** This facial massager is reasonably priced at just under 4,000 yen, but is equipped with micro-current and waterproof construction. It is a high-spa item that allows you to take care of your skin anytime and anywhere, and is recommended for those who want to keep the price low but are particular about performance. **Shine Germa Beauty massager** This is a Y-shaped beauty massager that uses a Germa mirror ball. This is an item that can often be found at Donki, and is supported by people of all ages, from students to housewives. Not only is the price reasonable, but it can also be used for both body use and the feeling is perfectly satisfying, making it an easy item to use for those who are buying a beauty massager for the first time. **HOMARE Slim Thera Plus** The Slim Thera Plus is a facial massager that has been used for professional purposes in Paris, France, and is recognized for its achievements around the world. The six massagers that undulate in waves are thoughtfully placed to enhance the effect. To maximize the microcurrent, the first and fourth massagers are designed to concentrate the power instead of applying the current to the entire massager. It is made of stainless steel, which is rust resistant, and can be washed with water for cleaning, so you will not feel any hassle in using it. **BILUL Platinum EMS** This is a facial massager that provides beauty care and beauty muscle training just by rolling it comfortably. It is equipped with a red LED light that is expected to give the skin a firmness and luster from the inside out, making it an excellent product that can provide beautiful skin care at the same time as the firmness of EMS. It also comes with an eye care massager that gently relaxes your eyes after a long day on the phone or computer, making you look refreshed and refreshed. **L&L Skin MAMI** This [facial massager](https://www.amazon.com/SKIN-Massager-Lifting-Massage-Wrinkles/dp/B09KMPDST8) simulates the complex rubbing method of a masseuse to create a comfortable SPA-like feeling. The massagers move so smoothly that they can follow the curves of your unique face line and tighten it. It can be used over makeup or with a mask on, so you can massage whenever you want without having to be bare. Ya-Man Tornado EMS massager This is a facial massager that uses double-wave EMS to stimulate the facial muscles and deep-seated muscles of the face, giving you not only beautiful skin, but also the impression of a beautiful face. It is waterproof and can be used for both the body and face, so it can be applied to areas of concern while bathing. When using it on the body, you can adjust the level in five stages, so you can care for your body in a way that feels good to you. **Cogit Rose Quartz massager** This is a rather unusual facial massager that uses a natural stone called rose quartz for the massager part. Rose quartz is said to have warm and soft vibrations, and it can be used as a massage item to expect beauty effects. It looks cute and fashionable, so it is recommended to use it as a portable item.