# ***How can I cancel Flight Online via American Airlines?*** Sometimes, while starting a flight cancellation online, customers experience difficulties and waste more time than usual. We have written step by step to assist you understand how it works so that next time you <a href="https://www.airtripsadvisor.com/american-airlines-cancellation-refund-policy/">Cancel American Airlines Flight</a>, things will be easier for you. The steps here are. * Start a webbrowser and navigate to www.aa.com - Visit the American Airlines Official site. * Click on the tab 'My journey' to see a drop down to insert a six digit reservation reference together with the passenger name. * Give details as they correspond directly to your flight reservation data of American Airlines. * This will lead you to the next page where your current or former itinerary will be given in detail. * To cancele my reservation, click on the tab. * If you qualify for a refund, your flight will inform you appropriately prior to requesting cancellation. * Once cancellation has been initiated, a confirmation e-mail will be immediately sent to your email address when you make your reservation. The flight cancellation policy of American Airlines always works instead of comfort and convenience for travellers. If you cancel American Airlines, you may seek a full refund on your scheduled American flight in accordance with their terms and conditions. <b>Read Also These Cancellation Process: <a href="https://www.airtripsadvisor.com/delta-airlines-cancellation-refund-policy/">How to cancel Delta Airlines Flight Online</a> | <a href="https://www.airtripsadvisor.com/british-airways-cancellation-refund-policy/">How to cancel British Airways Flight Online</a></b>