PureScript Online Meetup 2021 April 12 ==== @afc - Andrews d3 binding are maturating and already cover the most crucutial parts of the API (selections). Additionally everybody who is interested in visulizations using d3, developement in PS with d3 or even binding API itself is invited by Andrew for discussions and meetups. I can only say from my personal experience (we had a "d3 meetup" recently with Andrew) that Andrew is building really nice lib based on his large experience with this JS tool and PS and that he presents this stuff (with cool visual examples!) really nicely. Once again thanks Andrew! @csicar - has played a lot with 3D printing recently and considers some exploration of Scad "in PS". Carsten described also what is a general idea behind Scad and that this tool is really useful in practice. I hope that we are going to hear more from him regarding this interesting tech in the context of possible PS bindings :-) @Hendrik - has not abandon his graphql library even though he is not working with it in his current stack and project. He updated to PS 0.14 though and the fullstack example should be up to date soon as well. The project is progressing and we can expect some docs probably soon :-) Check it out if you want to know what GraphQL is all about while coding in your favourite language: https://github.com/hendrikniemann/purescript-graphql and a little example with SQLite https://github.com/hendrikniemann/purescript-graphql-fullstack-example @ursi - has made a super tool for Nix users (no NixOS required so you can try it on Linux or Mac too) which should make your PS builds much easier. Development, builds and deployment should be incremental and really easy to do now for all of Nix users right now. I hope that we are going to provide some full deployment receipts in the future using this cool looking tool. Please give the [`purs-nix`](https://github.com/ursi/purs-nix) a try! @paluh - I've made a long and boring intro to the [_purescript-isomers_](https://github.com/purescript-webrow/isomers) framework which I'm working on (Thanks @ursi and @csicar for your patients!). I'm going to repeat the whole stuff probably on the upcomming meetups but with better "slides" and examples I hope ;-)