**ISLAMIC EDUCATION FOR CHILDREN** Making sure children receive the proper education can be a big job in today's hectic world. It is important to [teach them the Quran](https://qurantutorsonline.com/) and about Islam as early as possible. Islamic education instructs kids on how to live right. They are aware of what it takes to be a devout Muslim. Additionally, this type of education moulds children's personalities. It also helps them navigate life. Moreover, Allah (SWT) elevates the knowledgeable. According to the Holy Quran, “Allah raises believers and those with knowledge to higher ranks” (Surah Mujadala Ayat no 11). **SETTLING UP** Telling our children about the wisdom of Islamic knowledge is the first step in starting this journey. It's similar to unlocking a door to a universe where accurate knowledge can be acquired. Islamic education makes children into people that Allah (SWT) likes. **CONSTRUCTING A SOLID BASE** The main goal of this journey is to lay a solid foundation. All parents desire that their children understand right from wrong. Through Islamic education, we can impart moral values to them. It influences children's personalities. Children will also have a strong devotion to Islam. They are going to be the real Muslims.